vernetta Agenda

The Vernetta Agenda was a project we started up in collaboration, with the designer Paco Bascuñán, in 1994 with the aim of supporting and promoting design and photography in the Region of Valencia.

Every year we invited twelve different designers or photographers to take part in this project, to create a new annual agenda as a unique one-off piece.

At Gráficas Vernetta we became experts in working with agencies, designers, photographers and many other professionals over those 15 years. Our relationships were based on respect, a professional approach and friendship, and all this can be seen in the agendas we produced for a decade and a half.

The Vernetta Agenda Project finished in 2009 with the passing away of Paco Bascuñán, to whom we owe a large share of the success it enjoyed, and his memory inspires us to continue to work on and develop new projects for the future.